U.S. Saws Valve Exerciser Package

The U.S. SAWS VEX-400 is a portable, battery powered, high torque, valve turning machine designed to open, close or exercise valves safely and with less manual labor. The VEX-400 is used by municipal water departments, water and waste treatment facilities and other facilities where consistent valve turning is necessary. The VEX-400 has the ability to reduce fatigue and injuries. It’s torque multiplying gearbox is a key component in the ability to achieve such high torque with only a battery powered power source. Several safety measures are in place to protect the operator in the event of a frozen valve. A turn counter ensures valves are fully opened and closed. The VEX-400 is made of high quality alloy aluminum and hardened steel internal components and utilizes a Metabo drill motor for it’s power source.


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