Utility Products,
Tools & Solutions for your Utility Needs!

Utility Products, Tools & Solutions for your Utility Needs!

We are one of the Mid-Atlantic’s leading distributors of underground utility locators, inspection cameras, utility pumps, lifters, industrial cutting tools, digging tools and leak detectors.  We supply a full line of the finest equipment from brands like Aries Industries, Impulse Radar, sebakmt, U.S. Saws and Vivax-Metrotech.






Underground Utility Locators

Location equipment is used to locate underground and buried utilities such as water lines and cables. A utility locator is an essential piece of equipment, that can read terrain and give you an idea of what lines might be present, before you dig! Whether you’re using your utility locator to dig a few inches or a few feet, you still need to take proper precautions. Utility lines can shift position over the years, due to environmental factors. Our products are designed to keep you safe, before you dig!

Industrial Cutting Tools

Our industrial cutting tools serve many markets: Water/Sewer and Underground Utilities, Concrete Restoration and the Industrial Flooring Industry specializing in the Polished Concrete, Floor Coating and Surface Preparation segments. Pipe saws, specialty diamond blades and beveling equipment are available. Our industrial cutting tools are designed by industry professionals, Manufactured in the U.S.A., and quickly / easily cut through concrete walls, underground vaults, concrete pipes and many other structures.

Linemen Digging Tools

Protect your linemen in the field!  When it comes to digging, you can never be sure when you might hit a high voltage line.  In addition to our utility locators, the proper digging tool, is a must.  We carry high end, shock resistant tools for linemen, that have been rigorously tested and found to exceed safety standards.  Our shock resistant, non-conducting digging bars, have been have expressly designed as safety products to resist electric shock and protect workers from injury.

Industrial Leak Detectors

In the event of leaks in pipeline networks, the fastest possible remedy is with the use of a leak detector. Discover leaks before they cause harmful, environmental or structural damage. Our line of leak detection equipment can reveal water, sewage and even harsh chemicals leaks, helping you minimize property damage and get your project back on track! Our products are easy to use, provide a long operating time, and pinpoint leak locations quickly and accurately using multi-sensors or ground microphone.


Vivax-Metrotech Inspection Cameras

As an authorized repair center for Vivax-Metrotech Inspection Cameras, we have the tools and experience to get you back to work fast.  We specialize in camera repairs, circuit repairs, re-terminate sewer inspection systems, and inspection of all locating equipment. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us either by phone, email or through our site.